"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it".

Robert Swan, Author

About Us

Clare & Don McGuinness

Store owners

We are a family of four from County Wexford, trying our best to make better environmentally friendly choices. We believe that true change is only possible if everyone plays an active role in the choices we make as consumers.

Our ECO-Stores are born from a will to live in a more sustainable, natural way by reducing food waste and plastics and using only natural cleaning products. We believe that everybody deserves to be able to make environmentally friendly choices both conveniently, affordably and Safely. Browse our products and purchase today to join our community of sustainable shoppers.

County Wexford Chamber Shop LocalVouchers, Supporting Local Business & Community accepted.

Part of the ECO-Merit programme to monitor, reduce and offset our carbon footprint.


The Refillery is now online only. 

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